About Rice
 Science of Rice

If anyone eats the rice which has not been cooked, I will think that it is hard and unsavory.
Why happen such a problem?

It seems that chemistry is concerned with this reason.
It is said that the starch contained in rice is the crystal condition (beta starch) with which the molecular structure of sugar was connected for a long time in the state of normal temperature, and the human taste recognizes this to be "unsavory.”

However adding water heating (what is called cooked) by being heated with the moisture with which a part of molecular structure was saturated, it is made fine and changes to alpha starch.
Then, it becomes soft boiled rice.
However, if the cooked rice is neglected, moisture will fall out and it will return to beta starch again.

Question: The more you bite a cooked rice, why does its sweet taste increase the more?
Answer: It is because alpha starch changes to sugar by action of saliva.