Kinds of rice

This page explains the kind (classification) of rice briefly.
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The rice of the kind which attains to 1000 or more exists in the whole world.
It will be divided into three, "Japonica rice", "Indica rice", and "Javanica rice", if much rice is classified according to a "form" and a "flavor."


Japanese people like Japonica rice most.
The taste of the cooked rice suits liking of Japanese people.
Moreover, even if it cools down, it is thought that that quality of taste does not deteriorate easily suits the gastronomic culture of Japanese "rice ball", "sushi", and "lunch."
Since Japonica rice contains many moisture when it is cooked, it is soft and gloss comes out.
Moreover, it is "stickiness" although it has the big feature which is not in Indica rice.
So the more it bites, the more sweet taste increases.


Indica rice is the mainstream rice in the world.
80 percent or more of the rice produced in the world is this. How fantastic is!
This rice is mainly grown centering on India, Thailand, China, and Indonesia in the area where the temperature of East Asia is comparatively warm.
The feature of Indica rice has a peculiar smell, and it is hardly sticky contrary to Javanica rice.
Taking advantage of these features, it is often used for pilaf, fried rice, etc.


Javanica rice is a rare type which has little quantity of production.
Producing districts are the parts in the tropical area in Jawa or Asia, Central and South America, etc.
Stickiness is close to Indica rice and there is hardly.
Although Javanica rice was used as materials of awamori ,white distilled liquor of the Okinawa specialty, a long time ago. Now it is used for paella, risotto, in the parts of Italy.

One hundred or more kind in the whole world

It is said that the rice of about 1000 or more kinds is made all over the world.
We cannot introduce into all. Therefore, we are going to introduce the existing famous kind which is made in Japan.
I think breed has ever heard a lot.
As for a famous kind, an Akita komachi, Koshihikari, sasanishiki, Hitomebore, Kinuhikari, Miruki Queen, Nihonbare and Hinohikari are fried.
Since the prefecture level is also introduced, please look at here.